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Friday, February 4, 1994

There are Forces Emerging From the Plasma

..... "but plasma doesn't seem to have any articulation" (gh)

My own thoughts on this are that I can agree, networks are not as substantial and slick as it first appears, and that beneath inside over there is this p word. What I think is that implosion has to happen; I believe, along with a few ex IBM style physics folks that the entropy that results from CREATION needs to be redistributed' and or distributed; that there is in fact a build up of entropy FROM the creation-chaos period. I think this is where the networks can implode (tho it's hard to agree that the fall of the Wall happened overnight, as a metaphor it's good enough). Which iis the metaphor? The p-word, or the N-word here? I wonder, although right now it doesn't really matter what I think, if that plasma isn't indeed the undertow of entropy that may well be brewing even as we speak? (from this rareified position of knee deep in construction, only days before the Olympics....). So if Implosion has to happen, it's not surprising that it shows up everywhere A(according to managers and other type A folks), generating this idea of a "liquid" background. Hence Plasma.

...the other question, is the plasma articulating, seems equally interesting tho I wonder if Latour probably thinks as I do that it is entropic and so can't speak? (ie, it is, as in Complexity Theory, even though Latour 94 doesn't rate Complexity as as Empr'Or;Or empirical as Assemblage)/ be that as it may. For Now complexity theory posits entropy as a result of Creation, of creating Order from Chaos (art from the "mess"). And here Implosion Group Theory seems useful, not only to Artists who have to navigate the good redistribution of entropt (or they end of offing themselves etc or variations thereof) but also to philosophers and physics and indeed probably all. I'm sure this is why Stengler and Prigogine are still powerfully pertinent, but I sense between gh and the LAtour of 94 that a better than new hyper-order of Hybridized Chaos has emerged. That must be the Centaur bit in the metaphor.....