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Friday, January 21, 2011

Just Had a Chance to Leaf Through The Stoylen Manuscript

"The Voynich Lampost"

Came across this shortly after leaving Rome. A strange man clutched my arm , handed me this manuscript and buggers off. 'Doesn't really look like a lampost, but what the hell?' Hieroglyphic thoughts washered here courtesy of the Baeubcraeftwerks Museum Library, to which I shal return it.

I persued A Lovely bit of Parchment from the Catican's Libraire

En Route to Alexandria One Day

I came across these FOUR BALL COLUMNS
from Plato's Timaues courtesy this yodas from the the frenchbench of the Vatican. Very Nice I do say it is (see traffic lights)? pause and proceeds go to the ineltorable minority of Aehthygrians who saw Pope's Constant as a fixed phsic of a thing. Further down on the page, a more complicated specimin to juggle catching my eye