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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Great Collection of Essays abouth the Circus HERE

yesterday, the calliope. Last week, the Ferris wheel.

Stonehenge, A Tardis Object?

I (small i that is) passed by Stonehenge this week. This timely post by Tim echoed by the same words Pasted on the side of a truck" Tardis Painting. Whoosh. The M25 can be a bugger. Zing! at Fleet Services and whoosh, we're on the M3 heading bearing Cook's Plymouth and Drake's Dorset before offroading into the wet bogs of East Avalon. (You guessed it-Glastonbury). The old aisle of saints and crows presenting themselves in the heavens, in a quieter, more ethereal Somerset. So I welcome this post, as I often do by Tim, because as Stonehenge appears from the road as small bricks against such a magnificent skyline as Wiltshire offers (and even tho Spinal Tap did cover this context in which Stonehenge can seem "small") I nevertheless hope that I am not overmining by choosing to fixate on such massive, solid objects. 

Trucks whoosh, and glazed eyes on the motorway, are one perspective. But also, fruits and trees in their becoming, horses that are gnawing at the bit of fields to Produce! produce! (although we call them vegetables and greens), and as all roads lead to Avalon, it's not surprising, with Speculative Realism under my arm, and OOO in my wake I should come face to face with the tardis of all tardae. The Tor itself...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Just for Fun

Here's Laura Ernst; caught my ear because I've just come off from reading Ian Bogost on facebook, plus a few other notes about life in general and there's mentions of feminisms here and there. It seems a long, very long time ago, bordering on a million years ago that I couldn't even think the word object without thinking 'woman' and 'onjectification.' Ah if only.... OOO had been around while I was writing my dissertation on the History of Pornography it would have provided a briseur to get at the subject from beneath its "over-rendered" exterior locus of concern. I'd write the book today if I could, but I'm going to let it go and hope that someone will see what a wealth there is or would be for doing so. Feminist credential aside, thinking has become so much more democratic, and thinking about representation has become so subtle that it almost feels like I'd be writing about the dinosaurs. Not that I think "objectification" is over, it isn't and for many people now "objectification" remains a mode. I need not concern myself here with them; suffice to say that resorting to a "default ontology" as Tim Morton neatly puts it, is never a good thing. But as the story is "in bastions of male enclaves women are now....." it makes sense that there are more and more people juggling --however, more enlightening is the number of "props" now used in the juggling world. A veritable explosion of 'em: as many tricks as their are Apps; as many ball makers as software products. The flags shown here, I've seen in Venezeula and London, average persons twirling themselves up into balls of velvet, suspended without fear. What is it again: there are sensual objects and their notes. Are women more sensual than men? Well, traditionally we thought that didn't we? But now, with sensual redefined, and reclarified as notes, there's every reason to think women and men are equal persons in this regard. Women leave and make notes freely as men. A real democracy of objects in a Parliament of things....

The Hyp-Ur Object Object-Document: What is Special About Consciousness....

The Hyp-Ur Object Object-Document: What is Special About Consciousness....

TITLE: Remix 2.0 : "attuning oneself to the intimacy that hyperobjects demand

What is Special About Consciousness....

...might be a very, very low-key thing indeed" (end

I like this....

For once a kind of simplicity is back on the table, or as Graham puts it in his disarming way, OOO is “a haunting new realism more compellingly naive than any that has come before” (Guerilla Metaphysics, 174).

Saturday, February 12, 2011

We now have a gap between description and reality......"yes. yes and yes again"

        It was a good post. Sometrhing that had to be dealt with in first or third person, between objects. SOmething that required writing......Maybe this is what Harman meant with his "zero-person" perspective. The zero-person stance “refers to the essence or intrinsic nature of any entity apart from any access we might have to it” (ZP, 253). “Objects must be granted zero-person reality that can only be translated into descriptive terms of the first or third person kind”.

come again?

... this changes the nature of the problem, which once you get used to it is no problem at all...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Don't Know When I'm Gonna Do It or How I'm Gonna Say it

4.55 a/m. It remains to be seen what Derrida said about speech . It is not the true object, although it certainly feels like it as I stand here alone at midnight in the bus lane waiting for the A2473 to open. The stamp I'm on is curved, paved with inscriptions of a burning fire. The feet touch leather, gnarled from a Peasant's cows back. The tarmac is wet with silly overtones of acidic rainfall. But with nobody passing, what fun is that? The inner speech drifts, as every hitch hiker knows, all over the place. Consciousness spreads itself out, engulfing, absorbing, monitoring, sizing, shaping, feeling the contours of itself by thought. This, the hitcher knows as he waits for a car. This the nightwatched jugglers know who save the last ounce for the chance meeting. Ah, the bus. Brilliant. Here it comes, warfing along as it always does with Jimmy Riddle puddles for peddles and tyres grooved in shiite. Splash. That awkward monument it has to navigate before it turns right onto Kensington Yard Ave. That weak sweat that Jimmy has to assuage as the wheels grind against some invisible fate--the bus which wants to crash and experience itself at breakneck speed; tyres that are built to withstand a landing on any Houston tarmac, the space shuttle included. And me here with my patterned galopshes, wrought from the same environment as plastic,( Tm says Myllar) prevents that shitte from penetrating my interior. Oh yes. I withdraw, strategically sometimes but most often when even I don't notice. (Two I's always in any self-model) The amodal sense of perception of twilight, lycnched by the coming of dawn over London. Hangover or no hangover esse, I will get that ride.