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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

peut etre je pense seulement en francais quand je suis parlant "en philosphe"? (continuing notes on Bogost-Levi-Bryant Hyperobject)

ok. you guys did say (rather anecdotally) that the real challenge may be not with Meilla's Soup but with Badiou. peut etre. je said pas. quan le philophe parle aven le journaliste, ou avec le interieur du politique (establishment) il y a une autre probleme qui n'est pas le question du philosophe (comme) scripteur... no dicteur (dichte) so probably it really is "back" to Meill'as Soup and MArtin....until MAnchester's POlitcs dept get their end sorted via the Polyani-Sewell matrix on POlitics (which was never really followed up).

complex Graham Harman (his second talk)

we're into questions now, plus its near tea time; plus its near one a.m here/ it's my first experience of a conference that i am paying attention to at this hour of the day! it sort of suits me; tho i'm with oddhack... aargh sleeeeepy! great talk. Actually it was a brilliant conference. It made me think. Cheers UCLA

three maps before tea (in snow deranged late night delirium) of non subjective I self, writing

SPECULATIVE continuity of UCLA conference

Notes From HArman's Talk: UCLA Everything

notes from Tim's mile an hour talk at Everything UCLA conference