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Monday, November 29, 2010

Notes on Ecology from Video (link below)

in minutes 31-47 Professor Timothy Morton has the floor to speak about Creativity in the Face of Climate Change. Thankyou Mr Morton for getting my thick brain-hemisphere to "see" this difference (that there is a difference, and a profound one at that) between (sic) weather and climate (you can't point to climate// climate is to weather like momentum is to velocity) I go away from this talk certain that he is right. I also go away from this talk thinking about Adorno's Scream, as Tim suggests, a fully articulated scream, with footnotes and complete annotations (annotations that didn't take away from the articulation's aesthetic action) may well be the best form for us in the face of this drama. Also, he reminds us again Just Say No to Apocalypse: "It's perfectly ok to panic, be depressed" (melancholia = Earth); inside the shame is the depression; inside the depression is the sadness (I'm paraphrasing from the talk).