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Sunday, January 16, 1994

Graham Harman's LSE (?) talk....on "translating" Latour and Heidegger Into Each Other Pretty sure I was at that Prince of Networks meeting, sloughed up on a real trip to a real Museum round the corner, I showed up piss drunk and in need of a copacunchino Latte; that would lead the way. Real pisser my compadre hasn't read it. And what was I doing in 2008 that I missed all this? Ah Lacanuna. I can imagine.... the university setting.... the gathered. But whoae! What a bomb....a better way to read Heidegger.... ten more reasons to go out and read Heidegger.... and what a book. Great. "Tool analysis"  "Substance theory"..... human beings...... dasein always at the center of things... trapped in the Kantian tradition (1781).....

Plastic CUPS. ARTIFACTS.  Latour....


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