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Friday, March 8, 2002

a fried bread and bried history about my personal mind mapping experience

mind mapping is caught on.... we are all potentially brilliant...."it;s more than just a diary"....anyhoo, where was I? @002 (the year AD) I had just completed a speed-reading course (from Tony Buzan// the other TB); and was thrilled. In six weeks I was displaying new notes, carefully reading using absolute recklessness as my method. This is was. still is. important. In speed reading, we are told, USE A HIGLIGHTER always! It was a revelation (not the highlighter) but the speed one approached the text on the table. Not one rule from my educational past had prepared me for the shocking transition.... I'd not just halved the time it took me to "extract" the salient-for-me feature" of the book. Oh no. Au contraire, it was the fact I could now have eight books on the go. I had Steiner's theory of colour on the go /; Kathleen Raine's marvelous book on Blake to hand from a Camden Lending library, the massive tome that I'd heard about from Henry and June by Spengler, each of these three in the past would have kept me busy for about a year! were ripped through. Every word that "sprang" to my eye, jotted down. No reading for the sense of it. Just mind map after mind map (on A3 in those days).... and five other books.....

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