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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


the round Cornwall’s roaDSA nd gRDENS SHINING LIGHT BRIGTHT AS `IVY’S hair and truth the whiphered reasons of a whereabouts onto truro ND THE SMILING SUNSHINE ABOARD THE SHIP OUT TO SEA THERE AT PENZANCE HE WAS SITTING WITH HIS BACK TO THE wall eating chepon sand fules and they were smiling also about that past, the road had taken a sharp turn and the bright oscillating rainbow above their heads and caught their eye. there was reason to smile, a real reason and that was the ultimate gift. He was a captain they said. Moved to Cornall when he fifty, after all his years at sea. i should tell you a story. there were green growers in those days at the plantation in sierra elopean and islands miles of all that said. At the roundabout off Quen’s road they stopped suddenly to let a truck to pass. Samuel lawned over the left hand side and looked at his watch. A quert yawl aBOUT his eyes, and a new engine? thats a cobra. did it myself in eighty six. He told me about the asbestos, glass fibre papaer, and the fun he had with a universal joint. red wellingtons and blue jackets, they get my bet for summer at Epsom. Bracknell green, yeah. Fiver, or thereabouts. Dogs yapped outside the muddy coloured blue van and houses old London streets like in Clapham. I never knew Boston looked like this. Think about it mate. We pulled through traffic into Alewid Broadway stoping at the lights, he talked about accidents and the fact that we cant do rotaries. The white jacket nearly hit the car as they rounded to a halt. I was thinking about all the new stuff. A Golom blue Engineering van and a pipe hitting geezxer looking up at a flagpole. Women crossing the road outside Tescos Newewton the place to visit. Get yourself off Commonwealth road and get to Chesut Hill. Green island of laughter as we drawe into the Company’s massive parkign area. American style. Right, lets get on with this geezer. They laughed. Tony sleeazed his way through the crowd and he thought about nothing . I’ll walk back the obvious way. Bon chance. Sweetness in her voice as the red engine marveled. So, this is Boston, eh? He was amazed, amazed indeed by its Qualities....are you alight? yes I am. It’s somehow overwhelming. Wasnt a word difficult to find because it was truth. theres a lot more to this city than meets the eye. no sense stating the obvious. We rent the space from Lodescroft Industries. Upstairs is Music sweet to your ears eard about that. I was on the eleven fifteen West out of Newark tae Pakipsie. Can yae neh seen a fen like that I never. She was dapper, deck shoes on the cabin wall a rotary certificate. She liked to wear reindeer hide in Aspen Colorado. did she call you from England or what? Sweet Jesus! A green chameleon appeared in the road’s centreal staging. Scaffolders erected a large octohedronal structure in the Roatry’s Head office. `he was shy of a full pack thas a sure. at first it took him a few days to acclimatise. hispanic Peruvian actually. More poe to ya. Phoof. Phuit fuit. Largesse and the extreme wireless intangibles of tourism, the green England Ah there must be. It was Fog. he’d come through the allyway out at Alewife and made a bee line for a hairdo at Swithians the tourist at the post office from uganda meeting yesterday went well oak ridge falls has made a deal witrh the namibians about the Copperbelt fiasco and the diamnond dpeddlers in amsterdam are awkward and retiring. One Ooondelufrstaraut plac please. Shim toom fourpence from his pocketr and pondered the variables in transformation equations. the probability fgormations for lodestones inc and the transmutational possibilities of immance occured ringing hera here Hadeus theseus? Scwalor lines weere there for ever. Jim took back pack off the kerb hauled ass to green Park and Dover. train up to Chesapeake bay was arriving at grand Central as the red line puilled out. It was Stacks Tiffany who called hgim first, aa quali Girl with truquoisae specs from tiffs to Trump towers and 42 street. The disco was enourmous. t gravsed it was remarkable. The yew tree in LAncaster Gate and the Hullaballo. He liked her voice. It was an open season contract, she’d begin with the fine print and proofread the details to me once i had a cart to haul. It was roadsweeping otherwise, Round Boston’s outer perimeter the Mass pike leading us to Framingham and Peabody where the internal construction of it was made. Quite clear. Well, are you? It was helluva question and one he hadnt expected coming from an American. Well, are you? WELL THIS WAS THE PLACE, WELL BEFORE CHEERS MADE it famous did it. Beacon hill’s Legendary. We can meet her for lunch in Quincy. It wont matter. He was surprisingly confident. Its just like that over here mate. Believe me, you Brits know fuck all about us Americans, you really dont. But why should we care? yr cute and we like the way you talks. It was an endgame really, out of proportions as we roamed up to the stadium . Is this Fenway? He laughed. Jeeze. You really dont know anything do you? Fenway. Look, you made me skill my Coki. Twenty fource sluice juice fromm Mixies and no. in the yes. Green tree Hippie here. there over there. You can see it now. Ah not Fenway. No. that’s inside Boston. gotta go deep git in there Yule tide loggers hampstrung quarterbacks. You ever heard of Doug Flutie. (He could tell it all now, and Ginge knew he would). Pink Lady amulets. He was asking about fenway again. Home of the Celtics. Dude! Dont you know anything. He laughed again, finding this very aMUSING, AND HE JUST SAID THE WORD BACKS TO ME, SOUND WHAT YOU HEAR LIKE MATE. VERY AMUSING, SINCERELY. OH SO VERY AMUSING...FUNNY we call this one Budwesier, this one Becks and this one’s Coors light, the stadium over there’s home of the Patriots and that’s Beacon Hill, there, on the map. Theres an aquarium downtown. yes. near the beltway, but strictly speaking that’s Dc. Look thats the Ai center. And this is ... swerved in thought to halt in garage. Watching Beacon Street tuffters like yourself operate heavy machinery. SHe brasses the plaque with a cloth Ed College Students here, cling film sados and hopt top californians always irritated, you can imagine, nice in Fall when it really is beautiful. Qyuiny Hatch. Saf Bay and Newenden grange. Belsmuth izimuth and the sspagyrics Age. Looking into the New Scientist we could see that the postmortem on the post modern had been completed. He had, as you rightly said, no real way out after derrid’as conclusins were proven false. there was a neat near miss on Phenomenology, we are glad you caught that one, would have taken us years to spot that glitch. So whats this stadium called then. Fox. He said something to do with fox. Here now, Cherokee hauling boxes out of car for madame on the road to taos next, from Cheyenne to Colorado and Conneticutt Iroquois, trees are still staNING AMIDST IRON SPIKES AROUND VERY EXPENSIVE GARDENS, WAS REMINDING ME OF BROMPTON GORGE. hills valleys gazes and huages, long time from the network railway through poughkeepsie. Doug Flutie, that was him. He unravelled another story, who the hell were the patriots. Husbanding the Rolling Stones. Dayfter and dafter yellow car spinning wheels round square near BU.

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