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Saturday, November 13, 2010

the genius of Ontology

One fine day, where?) links were in the garden (eating?) sausage throw back to a bygone era. There were three ideas. Object View. Object status. Mimesis. Memory. Then, it was April thereabouts, bluebells swinging in the tard-late dear arn't you? She was astride herself from drink; in the backyard. Here. Roll me a post. Haven? It was the buddha who had drawn us together. Akong? Dalai? These were postmodern times and we were repositiong the abstract in terms that we could relate: saxophone ex=boyfriend in the other room, quaint, while I slept with her sister (equal in measure to Foucault's pendulum)

Speculative Realism Breaks Out, Breaks Philosophy?
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Since the Goldsmith's Conference of 2007 (which saw the formal embrace of the name), the movement known as Speculative Realism has, by some accounts, "revivified" philosophy. Led by the young philosophers Ray Brassier and Quentin Meillasoux, the movement is becoming known for its two-pronged critique of both the continental andanalytic philosophical traditions. Speaking crudely, the goal is to fashion a "transcendental materialism" that puts the continental tradition in a better position to engage with the evolving insights of experimental science (particularly cognitive science, biology, and physics), while revising the analytical tradition's tendency to a "scientistic" and "naive" materialism. On the whole the philosophy tries to be less human-centric, acknowledging a world indifferent to human knowing and human being, while still acknowledging the problem of epistemic contingency. Brassier is also a leading proponent or investigator of nihilism, which will please Big Lebowski fans.
the hypothesis was that we could Deceive. Wasn't that the nature, first step anyway, of cosciousness? She wasn't sure; but she wan't uninterested in the question. Helgar? Gawd almighty. You call that a sausage? Pete, thrown back from carousing through the Vintage labels gathered his favourite DVD and CD's together and thought. Entelechy? Osmosis. Or simply Being In Itself. There was a monumental pause, prelim to all the summer mornings hunover we would have before brunch was done.

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