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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

circus philosophicus by graham harman

how did we miss it?
how did we not see? did we feel it, and in doing so turned, gradually away? (from books, we have all this to say) from grammatoolongforme-to-read (1967) the year of my birth has been stinging me to awaken. why? simply meillasoux's birthday will be celebrated; for sure! and yes, there will be cakes. Also, mr cameron may celebrate too, but these are imaginings, yes? The rest of the dialogue, coming via larval posts and the narrative told "to me" via the web is this: if he'd noticed, he would have written about something else. maybe we all felt this possibility? (maybe we did, but as GH says: (and I am paraphrasing: "They didn't exactly come rushing to my attention" <>lol. how did we miss it? how did we not see? the breakthrough (in 2005-6 or thereabouts, taking place in London, Christmas-time, no snow, in Hyde Park, drunk on a Ferris Wheel, in delight. a feeling, just a feeling (can we feel the dying last breath of those far away from us). Well, Derrida is dead. This is a fact. But how did we not notice? And how did GH realise? I hope, in sme sense (some small sense) I can traverse all of these narratives (and keep them from bogging me in a viscosity of my own making) this time; this time where the thing is claimed: "I thought this/This is my thought" . It is clear that GH did, and has contributed something rather marvelous

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