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Monday, December 2, 1996

New Book Title ©

does something happen? of course, non of this is defined by "anti". this or that. What's new is new. Today the UPS guy informed me (because I asked) of the network: 74 here. 115 distribution centers. 8 pink balls and a rear wheel drive that sucks in snow. yeah. we had a lot of snow. Now I do think that Object Oriented Ontology is "for real" NEW. I get that we uphold objects in "philosophy" now: Bohr's air pump; the candle and the flame and a few others (the zebra and the oil rig). i get that, and I'm happy as about that as much as any man could be when he realises that there's more to Harman's Objects than meets the eye, and behind the wheel of a very big truck I feel deLanda stirring. But dearly departed Heraclitus gets the nudge over (for reasons of becoming, as Meillassoux pointed out) and for reasons to do with Objects (so whatever I thought at the time making the comment below is sufficiently changed).  SOMETHING HAS CHANGED.  In the air, blog to blog; in the history, LSE to Goldsmiths over? Come in Echo Lamnbda. A new ontology and a new set of names. BRASSIer than de Niro. more speculative than an earthworm and not at all uninteresting. Peaches came over for Christmas to wish me well; irritated that some still find her song sickly. We skidded past the traffic lights on 4th and Folsom, grinding to a halt outside Jaynes' house,  one block up from Mayan Way, where the Middlesburgs lived. it was a ruminant christmas. RJ said, the flu killed twenty in the uk. I said, during the programme I watched last night, 7,200 tonnes of bananas were consumed. I was pleased. Rosling had come on the telly, and Aristotle had come for a visit, by way of the Bottleneck Park, we'd broken through, and that was a good thing. (How long would it take to wear off the past's way of Being AND BECOMING?). I shuddered, composing myself in the wet rain, her arm linking itself to mine as we crossed the zebra crossing a car halted, lights flickered in the Folsomhouse Coffee shop, and she skidded offside toward the lingerie dept. Here? Now? I pleased to please some some of the time and not all all of the time. Now what were you saying about objects? O JECTSD? she looks at me, all a curious girl's glam in her eyes. Yup, I said. Objects. Specting her to ask more questions, was surprised when she didn't. how long's this one going to take? (that was the look). I jsut don't know, I said. I just don't know.... we'll find the book and find out....

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  1. blogs follow HERACLITUS. Therefore, we must follow Heraclitus in our thinking