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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So Much for Method: Now to explain why I'm interested in Portolan Charts

both ends of is are here for us to see: a picture (3 of them) at one end and Mr Latour at the other (spliced in my own mind's eye anyway with Mr Rosling over at Gapminder). The first three maps are for all I know, only available online. The subject of the video is the fact as Mr Rosling as so ably shown, that the what we once called technology is also providing the methods to sort the new levels of information.......(a very tiresome linguistic detour awaits as we re-work the language about numbering the mass and quantity of the data (jeeze it was only last month we were called to add more links as well as data) and how we talk about what's happening. Anyway, these are the events:

Portolan Charts, IMages of the Brain at Work during Unconscious lving periods of Human History. Time in becoming, awakening not awakening. Living inside a solid. Thoughts about Jumpers and the Old Spice Road. Ghenghis and his view of the PAcific. Walking with MArco; incidets and detours along five hndred meter long evolutionary road.
thAre just a few of some good reasons. 1. for regent Rosling being referred to here. He, I think, says it miles better than Latour. I don't need Latour to say it any better. I get that the project is already happening (it just happens differently depending on what arena yr in). I prefer Rosling's lingo and style. I'd rather have a glass of wine with Bruno, but maybe after the lecture yeah? However, the underneath point is MAPPING. I know that Bruno's idea of what's to be mapped are different to mine, but we can proceed formalistically in a unity; there's no problem there..... but if I listen to him for too long, or he listens to me, we just start over (mis) re in - terpreting each other. It's not that MACOSPOL has anything to do with maps either. Which reminds me....
MACOSPOL Teaser -English Version from medialab Sciences Po on Vimeo.

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