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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Root Brain/20thcentury: Medulla Oblongata Remix for Aristophanes

Archetypes - The End of the End and Beginning of the Beginning Affecting Us All in April, May, and June 2009

by Robert Wilkinson
If you're wondering why you need to finish up any backlog and still feeling like something BIG is happening, welcome to what's happening to everyone. It's the end of the end for us all. Many who are prepared and ready will be moving into newer, better things, while others are probably feeling like they haven't a clue what's next. Welcome to where we ALL live.
Venus is now stationary direct at 30 Pisces, with Mars rapidly converging on its conjunction, fusing many things, creating a thought form that will impact us all for years to come. This is a degree of Archetypalization, where our thought forms can be shaped in ways that if we're willing to put our heart behind our mind's form, we can see it made manifest in the months to come.
Be thoughtful. Be considerate. Say goodbye. Bless the passage.
Wherever 30 Pisces falls, we'll see the fusion of the areas ruled by Aries, Taurus, Libra, and Scorpio. This unifies a third of our life (4 signs) in a life area (the house where 30 Pisces falls) where we are given the chance to practice our thought form building capacity. We will know how expert we are by what shows up in the next two years.
Venus is quickening, and conjunct Mars for weeks to come. Welcome to a great fusion, where several areas of our lives will come together to manifest the dream we've dreamed, the ideal we've declared we want to be made manifest.
Breathe deep, meditate and go deeper, and move into the vast ocean of the end of the end of Pisces, the last sign of the 360 degree archetypal span of activity. The end of Pisces is the broadest, vastest field of feeling experience anyone could imagine, where our separate self can dissolve into the vast Self.
Both Venus and Mars are now in an area where we all can sense the vastness of the totality of human experience, where we all share deep feelings with us since the beginning of time. For the next week, embrace the deep compassion where we all come together in the common human experience, forgive much, open to a wider compassion for yourself and all others through all time, and relax. The future is already on the way, like an express train.
Copyright © 2009 Robert Wilkinson

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