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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hi: Facebook.....

what a journey (nop, not seen the film yet). yup. love the concept. hopelessly addicted to fb from near the get go ..... same as everyone: wasn't quite sure..... and now here we are. Apologies to all those unfriended! Hello to new. Shout outs and postings, you tube links and musings, interrrrr-connectivity ah and some romance to now say, what? Well, i don't know what to say....can't say everything in one place? Can do something else except "be" totally on a computer, right? Must walk in the woods sometime. Seems everyone living a good life; ups and downs. Experiences with lightworkers, varied. Cosmic trust in the nature of Love. All that.... and just fun. Just a fun way to connect (of course it is; any broach through alienation is a good thing, right). Anyhoo... back at the Lodge, I was starting my reading toward speculative realism. It was a grande sight, majestic, like Pirsig's Montana; delirious like Guattari's prose. I was free falling into her arms, the sand of the gulf stream shining a path north (always north) and over the "top" into the melting arctic. Whales greeted me. (Always whales) and I asked her: did you see me when I was at the same hotel as you in Mexico? Shelby wasn't sure. She had lifted her white skirt saying, See? No panties (prefers to have makeup on) and looking for a Boots Chemist and some fish and chips, sailed out toward Skye in search of some Stones in West Island. Here, let's get on a ferry and ride....

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