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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Juggling Lessons from Buzan, Gelb and the Growing Infrastructure of Jugglers in the World

Stepped on Lessons From the Art of Juggling this morning, outside Greenbelt Place, Idaho. Geezer pulls me up and says, So ya wanna learn how to Juggle? Just drop the balls! We slipped into a coffee and latte style conversations (like the one I had in Oregon) this one jumping fast to connections we both shared; he was from Ketchum. Where they have the film festival; looking at me as I didn't know that Redord lives there. Here. Elmore awakens the sleeping book clerk and he goes off to find a copy. Buys it for me. Lesson one: Drop the balls. At first it seemed obvious: how could you NOT drop the balls.....?

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