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Saturday, November 20, 2010

"is this the right room for an argument?

where is my plutonium 239? (on this mind map, it's "in" gerry garcia's crotch). Arguing, as Tim points out (via Monty Python) not outmoded but.... the object" resplendent" inaugurates a "new era in academic worlds" via WEIRDNESS ("which resides ") quote "on the side of objects themselves, not our interpretation of them"

"right here / not appealing to being of the pencil)"

like TIM, I'm feeling Garcia, like Plutonium 239, is going on long after I'm gone... (reincarnation notwithstanding, "I" am). this make sme (someone/ me?) think (s) the Grateful Dead may also be Hyper Objects.

are all Objects Hyper Objects? the observation appears to conclude that YES, the milkshake I hold before, full of its platinum froth and beleagured acumen, exists both in the mantle of McDonalds and outside the being that is sipping. Yes? I'm thrilled to be stimulated this way, thinking at last feels as if it has reached "the object themselves"... so I am now rushing, in a sort of non spatialised way, down to the metacafe to pick up his latest publication

Hyperobjects 3.0: Physical Graffiti

Here's the lecture I gave at Rice today. Featuring extensive discussions of relativity and quantum theory. I'm particularly happy with the stuff on relativity, which I've been keeping under wraps for a while. Basically everything Graham says about time and space on the inside of an object is what Einstein also says in another key. Also featuring the work of Levi
ProfessorNature is not natural and can never be likenaturalized — Graham Harman


Rice Grad Class on OOO and Speculative Realism

Great students, clearly having a good time at Rice, asked a lot of great questions and got me thinking about OOO as I presented some of my work and the final chapter of Graham Harman's Prince of Networks.

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