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Saturday, November 20, 2010

On-Going Mind Map about Conversation ref: Gestalt Isomorphism

The Central Insight Behind My Work:

The Epistemology of Conscious Experience

A brief illustrated presentation of the epistemology of conscious experience, and its implications for the computational function of visual processing. The idea of Indirect Perception, or Epistemological Dualism, was the central inspiration for much of Gestalt theory. And although this idea is hardly ever discussed these days (except to be dismissed off-hand) it happens to be right, for it is the only explanation which is consistent with the materialist view of mind as the functioning of the physical brain. One day this idea will turn the worlds of neuroscience and psychology on their heads!

A Cartoon Epistemology

An informal cartoon presentation of the central epistemological debate between naive realism and representationalism.

The Dimensions of Visual Experience: A Quantitative Ananlysis

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