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Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010: YEAR of the TEV Yestereday Here I vauted Jacob Sharpe in PINK SHORTS as best newcomer video for 2011 (even tho technawcically it was upload just before New Year's Eve. He's near 4000 views already and I estimate his view count might rise as exponentially as the number of TEV collisions over at ALICE. (Now that that's shut down until March, I daresay we will have some news in shortly about what was actually seen during the remarkable 2010 year of the TEV. Meanwhile this morning my mind has returned to another couple of jugglers, Jason Garfield and Vova Galchenko. From this video here my estimate is that it'll be somewhere round 2022 when I'll be tackling nine clubs and nine balls. In that sense, I have a lot to look forward to; in another sense, this beastly question of time and its bloody narratively linear themation in my mind keeps bothering (I can sense in principle it is better to think naught about time and get on with living). My recent experiences learning five balls (transitioning from four and various combinations of six and five) into a full five ball cascade has taught me much (much of what I've learned has irritated me.... the more I fought for doing five the further away the goal became).

For instance, listen to this: three balls took a month, basically every day during a holiday (having read Gelb and Buzan, it's a simple matter of applying a few rules and VOILA). I thought this is great; I can say I'll be able to tackle five balls sooner than I thought. BUt the thought:

Why am I writing this?
ANd the thought :"Why am I trying to juggle five/ why would I want to" are intertwined in ways I didn't expect.

Levels of complexity, is one way of looking at internal motivation.

The theory here is that each level new balls and new patterns help cope with complexity in a modern world.

I drifted along with stabilising both three and four ball patterns for about nine months. It is necessary to not raise the bar too high.

I'm still not sure if I raised the bar too high with five, or whether the sheer numbers game exponentially increases the brains learning involved and that does "take" (sic) time.

Galchenko clearly had the five ball cascade AND the nifty behind the back trick down pat aged ten (he's about 23 or 4 or 5 now). Accounting for my own wildly optimistic nature I may be at nine somewhere round 2025 (allowing for the notion that brains can get younger with age).

Its sufficiently far off to be relevant. Remember, Daz, when you thoght five balls would be IMPOSSIBLE? (that wasn't so long ago)..... my how the mind adapts.  

ANYWAY, I was pleased to see that Tim had linked here to my mind map of his talk; and I was pleased again to read Jackson's post on reading on the computer. I sent a link over to him about MIND MAPS tho i didn't develop my thoughts on how that relates to reading on the computer (something I'll have to talk about later in 2011).

It's post snowy now. A beautiful blue sky has erupted, and in the SAD induced climates of northern latitudes it is probably better I go for my Vit d count rather than belabour any new thoughts here.

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