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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pink Shorts recently Posted this video of Such Fine Ball Juggling I'm Going to Call it 2011

Massive, really, to see fine jugglers expose themselves. Hats off to this lad, I read he is a comedian. A dry humour. I wrpte about a Pink HyoperObject huge Higgs Boson  of a Juggling Object recently and made a video, so the Pink theme caught my eye. It's a new video on the juggling circuit, and rare as it is, it should be noted that it's a first video (no it is not me... although I do know a squash court when I see one). Anyway that I looked I saw only movements and new body patterns that I would have to incorporate into my juggling act. New ways forward, for which I am grateful to the Juggling community, are being provided daily; as You Stream tells us something like 34 billion hours of Uploaded Ganglions of Inforbytes now exist, and amidst them, this one I find?

The psychoanalytical model can be dispensed with pretty quickly. After that, it's just something that happens on the inside of the mind when it has an objective (to learn juggling). So, I have a new one for 2011 . As four more pink object balls are required in my personal collection of balls, I have some shopping to do; until then, however, the mind I am told exists, learns as much by watching videos as it does thinking about an ideal three ball riff. Still, you have to admit, it stretches the mind to see a new juggling routine; it asks of us, how did he come up with that? how did he come upon it? Well, as I'm a reasonably fat slob, I've someway to go before even attempting a few of those moves, but as I can't balance a ball on my head, that I have a long way to go before doing so entices rather than defeats. I'm impressed by these jugglers, the hundreds out there and the really amazing ones, Chris Bliss, Jason Garfield and many others ought to be mentioned here and perhaps will be. Another time mebbe....

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