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Saturday, January 1, 2011

O O Oh!

This link should go to 2008 Sabin-Jones exhibition on Motility, Surface Design and Networking; it doesn't, it goes to the 2007 exhibition on Surface Design (Project 2) by Misako Murata, Austin McIerny, found by way of the NonLinear Research centre "in Pennsylvania". (True quotation marks are always already implied around the textUa;llah Here where she (Jenni E) and he (Peter Lloyd Jones) work appears to be HERE (LabStudio) "radical, new, multidimensional, systems measuring produce initiated modes, where we find mathematics, materials, architects in HYPBRID medicine and Engineering (makes my toes warm to say it). O O Oh! I was flush with Christmas wonder when I heard Santa Claus' voice behind the text: how did I end up Here? (O O Oh!?).

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